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Dear Author

Hello, author! Thank you for signing up! I can’t wait to see whatever you write.

The Dos and Don’ts, Please

Tropes I especially like: groundhog day, fake dating, genfic, pre-canon, friendship, doc fic

Stuff I don’t care for: fic written in the second person that is not also an epistolary fic, mpreg, really just kids and pregnancy period. Violence is totally ok, but just keep it at canon-typical levels.

Note that I as long as you don’t hit up anything in the “Stuff I Don’t Care For” category, you should feel free to write whatever makes your heart sing.

Wolf 359

Option 1: The moment when Eiffel realizes he actually has feelings for the ship AI. Or his early adventures in wrapping his head around Hera’s personhood. Basically, anything that focuses on their relationship (spin it platonic, romantic, familial, I do not care) and navigating the complexities of human/android relationships.

Option 2: I need more about Jacobi and Maxwell’s friendship.

Whether you like my 2 options or take a 3rd option, I’m down for whatever tone you want. Fluffy, funny, angsty, whatever. Any characters are welcome - I love them all. As long as everyone is in character and we aren’t in an AU.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Learning from the Letters Page that Tachyon and Absolute Zero are good buddies brought me so much joy. I’d love something about them palling around. OR, something about Meredith and Dana’s relationship and fabulous jet-setting lifestyle. Magic Shows welcome.

Princess Tutu

I’d really like to see something focused on the friendship between Rue and Ahiru, whether before or after the end of the story. Something about Rue’s and Fakir’s, uh, strained relationship could be interesting, too! Or just any story that explores the relationships amongst the principle cast, really.

Again, thank you, dear Author!

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Aw snap, it's back.

Bienenalster's Podfic Bingo!
Trans Character
The Seas Between Worlds
Incorporate Verbal Effects
Inscribed on Glass Plaques
Incorporate Sound Effects
Non-English Language
Jeeves and the Blessed Indiscretion
1st POV
Think You Under the Table
Read Drunkenly
Ad Multos Annos
Record Standing Up
Read While Laughing
Jeeves and the Blessed Indiscretion
Unfamiliar Fandom
Transform an Existing Podfic
Action/ Adventure
Ad Multos Annos
Lower Vocal Range (for you)
Jeeves and the Blessed Indiscretion
Read Quickly (for you)
Wild Card
Crossover/ Fusion
Six-Thirty Sharp
Collaborate with one or more podficcers
Does She Go Dum-Di-Di?
Read with Breaths
Inscribed on Glass Plaques
Mixed Media
Write and record your own story
Read with Silence
Rare Pairing
Does She Go Dum-Di-Di?
Record While Lying Down

Cheats Used
  • Swapped out "Group Sex" for "Read Drunkenly" (April Shape Challenge)
  • Swapped 2nd person POV for Transform an Existing Podfic (July Theme Challenge)
  • Swapped out "Read Deadpan" for "Crossover/Fusion" (September Shape Challenge)

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Bienenalster's Podfic Bingo!
Repod Your Own Podfic
Read A Friend's Fic
Rare Pairing
Less than 10 Minutes Long
Nonlinear story
Higher Pitch Effect
Splice Fics Together
Read Sleepily
Collaborate with one or more podficcers
Unfamiliar Fandom
Read with Silence
Character Death
Female Character
More Articulation (for you)
Record in a New Location
Boy Slash
Try something new (for you)


Works, in Order of Completion

  1. Read a Friend's Fic - The Art and Science of Library Economy, The Diviners
  2. Repod Your Own Podfic - you won't BELIEVE these articles Kent Parson has angrily read out loud to Jack Zimmermann, Check Please!
  3. Harlequin - The Billionaire and the Army Captain, MCU
  4. Crack - Tetris Porn, Tetris
  5. Record in a New Location - The Kind Who Sees Sun and Brings an Umbrella, The 100
  6. Whisper - The Fine Art of the Combat Jack, Generation Kill
  7. Rare Pairing - the only way to hold on to this love is with an open hand, Check Please!
  8. Femslash - Impersonal, Firefly
  9. Less than 10 Minutes - no need to say goodbye, Check Please!
  10. Crossover/Fusion - Don't You Worry, It'll All Work Out, The 100/Tortall
  11. Nonlinear Story - If You Had to Take Sides with the Animals, Merlin
  12. Read Sleepily - Taking That Extra Bow, Merlin
  13. Higher Pitch Effect - Oomph, Check Please!
  14. More Articulation (For You) - The Active Reader, Harry Potter
  15. Unfamiliar Fandom - Aschesis, Young Wizards
  16. Read With Silence - Oh, That'd Be Enough for Me, The 100
  17. Free Space - that house was never built for you, Check Please!
  18. Dialogue-Only - Pantsless and Heroic, Bite Me!
  19. Character Death - Hold My Heart Until It Beats, Merlin
  20. Boy Slash - the heart is a risky fuel to burn, Check Please!
  21. Fluff - Fucking Skynet, The 100
  22. Collaborate with One or More Podficcer - The Meadow in the Mountain, Sense8
  23. Try Something New - Wir könnten die Größten sein, Weimar Classic
  24. Female Character - Lie, Cheat, and Steal, Gravity Falls
  25. Splice Fics Together - Nice Holystone Remains Unafraid and Eve Genoard Continues to Disapprove of Gambling, Baccano!

Challenges Completed

  • March - 3 in a row, swapping Collaboration in place of accent
  • May - L shape, swapping Splice Fics Together in place of Read Quietly
  • June - 2x2 square - swap Gossip out and put in Female Character
  • July - 4 in a row - axes Echo Effect and put in Boy Slash
  • August - Diagonal 4 - chucking Random Fic in favor of Fluff


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